Why Use The 'I Love GMO Free World' Logo?

Founded and based in Australia, we began with the goal of creating awareness locally due to the growing concern amongst consumers, producers and distributors about Genetically Modified (GM) foods and how to visibly distinguish between GM Free and GM produced products. Even though it is mandatory in Australia to label on products that have GM derivatives, if GM is present at less than 1%, foods are exempt from GM Labelling! (Refer to www.foodstandards.gov.au for more information) Consumers find it is currently not clear or easy enough to identify. Especially when a GM product producer chooses only to display it in the ingredients list and not next to the Product Name, as well as further exemptions which are in place for GM producers. Therefor we created an eye-catching logo, that is bold and provides an easily identifiable form of visual recognition that is a powerful advertising and marketing tool for all the true GM Free products out there.

The "I Love GMO Free World" logo was developed to help consumers all over the world make a clearer choice about foods they buy. Creating awareness amongst the public and assisting them to be able to make more informed food choices, quickly and with the greatest of ease.

The whole working with nature approach to producing is in line with the 'I love GMO Free World' logo and clearly identifying how products are derived is the beginning of this process of creating awareness. Being able to freely make simple choices via visual recognition is it's aim.


We believe that the education of consumers of the presence of genetically modified products in the food supply is very important so that each and every individual has the freedom to choose between the products they buy.

Helping Create awareness and education about Healthy Lifestyle through providing the 'I Love GMO Free World' Logo for advertising & marketing purposes is the aim. Through awareness, comes knowledge and the ability to create better food systems and public health as well as creating a better environment for all to live in by the products we choose to buy is the key.



It is very important that consumers are given the right to know, and we believe that all products containing any GM ingredient, and those derived from GM material, should be properly labelled this way all over the world. 
'I love GMO Free World' logo and its meaning not only helps to easily distinguish these products in countries where unfortunately this is not yet mandatory but also provides an option of voluntarily displaying an individuals support of their GM Free product to stand out in a much bolder and clearer way to those that only require GM statements being listed under the ingredients section in fine print. It's appearance on products also plays an important part in distinguishing when exporting to; or importing from these countries.