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Who Is Our Logo For


The "I Love GMO Free World" logo is there to help the public to clearly distinguish GMO Free products and ultimately enable them to make informed choices to live healthy lives as well as helping make that selection process easy for them.


It also provides the producer with a logo that declares their support for distributing products that are non GMO and proudly makes a bold statement by promoting a certain belief system.


It can also act as a quality guarantee for producers and assists in aiding distributors in selecting products to include in their range.


Our logo is even suitable for those who simply want to share, through marketing and advertising, their Company's Ethic or Belief that: the cultivation of Genetically modified organisms and their inclusion in our food supply could impose risks to human, animal and environmental health and is therefor fundamentally contrary to their collective vision of a healthy and sustainable future.



Providing a recognisable logo will help with all your marketing and advertising efforts. It looks professional and is visually appealing to the public. It sends a clear message and sets your product apart from everyone else giving you a major advantage over those that do not have clear labelling in place.

It creates a powerful call to action amongst the public as they become more and more aware of GM to search and look for products carrying the 'I Love GMO Free World' logo and further creates a demand for producers of the products that they love, to display this clearly for them to see with ease and share with their friends and family.

The following are examples of the different types of organisations who should display our logo:

Pharmaceutical Products



eg. vitamins

Planning To Export/Import

eg. for the countries that will demand products to be labelled GMO-Free, our logo helps you to market to these countries and get in first.


eg. menus

In Australia Food prepared and sold from food premises and vending vehicles (e.g. restaurants, takeaway food outlets, caterers) is exempt from GM food labelling requirements. In these cases the food business must supply consumers with information about the product which is not misleading or untruthful (see: Food Standards Australia New Zealand)

The 'I Love GMO Free World' logo is ideal advertising tool for these businesses to display on items such as their menu's to show their consumers clearly and easily.

Alcoholic Beverage

eg. wine, beer

Food & Beverage

Baby Formula

Personal Care Items

eg. tampons

Animal Food

eg. grain, seaweed


eg. cotton



Not only are you labelling your products clearly but you are also helping consumers to buy products that are approved by our GMO free labelling program which is the best way to support the sustained availability of GMO-Free choices.


Furthermore labelling products that have been GMO-Free certified is designed to add value at every point along the food chain, from the seed producer and farmer, to the manufacturer and retailer, giving assurance to the successive elements of the food chain, and ultimately to the consumer. These efforts are allowing us all to protect and even expand the availability of non-GMO seeds, ingredients and products.

Displaying the logo on your products shows you're committed to providing full GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) transparency for your customers.

Why Should I Display The Logo?


There are numerous new products that are coming into your market from overseas everyday which may come from a Country where labelling GM products is not mandatory or even just unclear. This makes it extremely hard and confusing for the public to make an educated choice. Which is all the more reason to create awareness by displaying the I Love GMO Free World logo on your product to point the public towards products which are clearly advertising that they're completely Free from GM production.




You are not only supporting your Countries precious agricultural system, but also protecting it and the environment in general.

Consumers want Genetically Engineered foods to be labelled.

For consumers, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on food ingredients and products that are at-risk of being genetically modified, as the list of at-risk agricultural ingredients is frequently changing and moreover at present there is no access to a list available in Australia identifying all the GM Products. Appearing on our websites database will help advertise your product and support to the public and help them easily find those products to make up their own mind.



It's a real Time Saver! By displaying the Logo, consumers will appreciate the time you are saving them whilst making their shopping choices. We've collectively provided them with an easy guide for making timely shopping decisions.



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