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The Logo


The "I Love GMO Free World" logo is a Trade Mark registered with the Federal Government and was created with a strong meaning and purpose

The logo is a clear representation of the statement 'I Love GMO Free World' (with the option to insert a country below for more specific detail, eg. AUSTRALIA as shown here) The 'i' with the heart above it in place of the dot, affectionately declares 'I Love' and the big G encompasses the 'mo' for 'GMO' (acronym for Genetically Modified Organism), where the 'mo' not only represents letters but also visually provides a simple symbol of a seedling or seed beginning to sprout, which is one of the key factors concerned with Genetic Modification.


The Butterfly flying out of the 'G' represents freedom from GMO; the butterfly has escaped and is free and supported (by 'you' the producer OR your product) to take it's natural course. The Circular shape of the 'G' was once closed (no awareness) but creating awareness has opened it and allowed the butterfly to alight. It is made up of two hearts comprising its wings, to further promote the emotion and importance of love for what is right and for one-another.


The prime inclusion of a Butterfly is due to conclusions that GMOs and heightened pesticide use are a major factor in the increasing death rates of monarch butterflies, as well as honeybees, and bird populations. The concept and focus of the butterfly further ads more to the element of the importance of allowing nature to run it's own designed course and our part in working alongside it and also promotes the risk of destabilising the balance of nature.

The colours chosen are specifically a very natural green and brown adding to the overall organic feeling whilst still being modern.


The words 'FREE' and 'WORLD' encompass the feeling that everyone can be a part of this together and helps declare a belief system that producers and the world can share and be a part of which ultimately distinguishes them.





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