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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my product with GMO free Logo on it?

It is very important that consumers are given the right to know, and we believe that all products containing any GM ingredient, and those derived from GM material, should be properly labelled this way all over the world. 
The 'I love GMO Free World' logo and its meaning not only helps to easily distinguish these products in countries where unfortunately this is not yet mandatory but also provides an option of voluntarily displaying an individuals support of their GM Free product to stand out in a much bolder and clearer way to those that only require GM statements being listed under the ingredients section in fine print. It's appearance on products also plays an important part in distinguishing when exporting to; or importing from these countries. 

How much will it cost to get 'I love GMO free World' logo on my product?

The cost varies depending on how many products you are exporting and whether those products contain any high GMO risk ingredients such as corn or soy, which require greater scrutiny. Our verification program is overseen by third-party technical administrators, currently FoodChain ID, NSF International, Where Food Comes From (IMI Global), and SCS Global Services. Their cost models are based on a variety of factors, and the first thing they will offer you is a customized cost estimate. We work with companies of all sizes and are committed to making our Verification Program as financially accessible as possible. 


How long will it take to get verified?

On average, the process takes 4 to 6 months depending on the attributes of your product and how quickly you can submit the required documentation for your product evaluation.

What if my product contains animal products such as meat, eggs, dairy, or honey?

If the feed for the animal product contains high GMO risk ingredients such as corn or soy, testing is required to show that those ingredients meet our Standard. The feed does not need to be verified, as long as it meets our testing requirements (though if it is verified, that certainly speeds up the verification process).

When and where can I use the 'I love GMO Free World' logo?

We will send you the art files for the 'I love GMO Free World' logo as soon as 1) Your product completes the verification process, AND 2) You have signed our Licensing Agreement, which outlines proper use of our name, logo and verification mark. The 'I love GMO Free World' logo is trademarked in Australia and China and can be used within those markets only.

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